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Marpac Dohm Dual Speed Sound Conditioner

marpac-dohm-dual-speed-sound-conditionerWhen you think about it, turning on a white noise machine before you go to sleep may seem like a counterintuitive idea, especially if you’re a light sleeper. But, if you want to sleep throughout the night you should try turning on a noise machine.

And still, not only do many people swear they’re unable to fall asleep without the sound of a fan running or the TV on, companies such as Marpac Dohm have created noise makers that can help you get the most out of your sleep by creating a more relaxing environment. Simply put, white noise is better noise. It uses an equal amount of every frequency from low to high that can be heard by the human ear. When a loud sound wakes you up during the night, it is not exactly the noise that wakes you up, but the sudden change in the noise that alerts you. This sound machine is designed to create a type of masking effect which will block out any sudden changes that tend to awaken and frustrate light sleepers.

Anyone who sleeps using this white noise machine will probably tell you they have a hard time sleeping without it. While some sleep experts agree that a white noise machine can be soothing and will definitely promote better sleep, there is still limited data to prove this theory and often the effects of white noise can vary from person to person.

For those consumers who swear by using white noise for improved sleep, this sound functions like a type of anti-noise. It is a redundant sound, something that works to distract the brain but doesn’t require the brain to focus on it. This in turns encourages your mind and body to relax.

Not everyone has such a difficult time falling asleep, but for people who do, this white noise machine really works to dampen other sounds. It’s also helpful for people who have a hard time shutting their brain off at night. Many of us often lie awake and worry about work, bills and money or other personal matters. By simply paying attention only to the white noise you can encourage your brain to relax and prepare for sleep.

The dual speed sound conditioner by Marpac Dohm is virtually a noise-masking ninja and a machine you’ll come to realize you can’t live without. Designed to mask any type of unwanted noise while working to create a more soothing environment, this machine can help lull you to sleep and keep you resting peacefully throughout the night. The main sound is a static white noise that operates on a frequency meant to block out surrounding sounds.

Specs and Features

The sound conditioner is housed in a compact cylindrical casing and is surrounded by a couple of electric motors and asymmetrical fan. The design is meant to produce a customizable and unique sound without the use of recordings or digital loops. Made to block out any distracting noises across a wide range of frequencies, this model promotes deeper sleep by creating comfortable background sounds. This model is recommended for restless sleepers, infants, spouses of snorers and anyone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Described as easy to use, this model comes with an eight foot power cords, high and low settings and the ability to fine tune sound settings based on volume and tone. This can be done by simply twisting the collar and cap.

This product is only a sound machine, which means it doesn’t come with any additional features and has been strictly designed for sound therapy only. The body of the sound generator is made from a heavy duty plastic which contains an internal motor that can be switched on dual or single speed. The plastic collar and cap surround the body of the machine and can rotate in order to adjust speed, tone and volume. Once you plug the machine in it will begin creating a continuous sound of white noise or rushing air.

Pros and Cons

Pros: For those sleep deprived individuals who want a basic no-frills solution to their restless nights, this model is the perfect choice. The simple plug and play functionality is all business and begins to work instantly.  Because of the constant movement the sound will never loop like a recorded sound profile would. Consumers stated this model worked perfectly when it came to making any type of unwanted noise and is considered a reliable and durable sound therapy machine.

Cons: Because of the simple design, this model only features one sound setting. The sound it makes can be considered white noise, but it also sounds like continuously moving or rushing air. The settings will allow you to adjust the volume and tone of the white noise but that’s the only real customization option. Some consumers were disappointed that this model didn’t feature a timer or an alarm.

Conclusion and Rating

This is a genuine white noise machine that creates white noise using rushing air, as opposed to electronically creating the sound and using a recorded loop. Some sleep experts have even noted that sound loops on sleep machines can actually prevent you from falling asleep or can cause you to wake up during the night.

The sleep therapy market has been flooded with dual purpose models, ones that feature alarm clocks, impressive sound therapy technology, iPod connections and AM and FM radios. But because this model features such as simple design, we feel that it may have fallen behind the competition. While it’s still a great white noise machine and many consumers have stated they can no longer sleep without it, a redesign may still be in order for a model that has a little more to offer in terms of functions and sound variety. If you’re looking for a basic white noise machine, this model is a great buy at a reasonable price.

 Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for simple operation, quality and overall functionality.

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