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Sense with Sleep Pill Sound Machine by Hello

For many people, tracking their sleep pattern can be just as beneficial and important as understanding how many calories were burned during the day or steps taken. However, if you’re interested in tracking your sleep pattern and don’t want to wear a wristband, your options can be pretty limited. The Sense is a sleep pill sound machine by Hello that can track your sleep and doesn’t require you to sleep with a wristband. This system consists of two components: the sleep pill and the main unit which sits next to your bed. Described as highly accurate, this innovative miniature sleep machine is worth every penny.

Specs and Features

sense-with-sleep-pill-sound-machine-by-helloThis model looks pretty amazing. It’s the size of a tangerine and is covered in an abstract geometric pattern that gives it a modern decorative look that works to compliment any room. It’s compact and lightweight, so even if your bedside space is very limited, it’ll fit in somewhere nice and snug. And did we mention it glows?

Wave your hand over the top of the device and the ball will instantly light up providing you with environmental information. It will also light up when the smart alarm goes off and will cycle through a variety of colors.

The base must be plugged into an outlet during use and comes with a USB cable and its own plug. The sleep pill takes a small coin cell battery which lasts for about a year before it needs to be replaced. The Sense is able to support two sleep pills, which makes it very convenient for couples who both want to track their sleep. The sleep pill is responsible for establishing how much you move during the night and comes with an accelerometer. The pill must be attached to your pillow for more accurate measuring. Because the clip doesn’t open very wide, it can be difficult to attach to your pillow securely.

Inside the Sense you’ll find a humidity and temperature sensor, a sensor that detects the particulate matter in the air and an ambient light sensor. The Sense also have a microphone, so it doesn’t need constant access with your smartphone during the night. However, it does sync your sleep info to the Hello app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

The Sense ball is probably one of the most attractive sound machines ever made, but it has more to offer than just a pretty face.

Very easy to use, there is no sleep mode you need to switch on, no manual app syncing to do each morning and no worries that your phone will die during the night and no need to charge your sleep tracker before use. If the machine is plugged in, that’s all you need to start monitoring your sleep habits right away.

The machine will go to work before you even get into bed. Just wave your hand over the ball and if it turns green, then your room is conducive to a good night’s rest. The machine will check all of its sensors to determine if the room is too hot, there is too much light or if the air quality is poor. If the machine detects a problem it will glow orange and you will need to check the Hello app in order to find the issue.

Once you get the green light to hop into bed, the Sense will begin the real work. It’s as simple as that. Because Hello has made using this sleep monitoring system so simple, people will be more likely to use this model consistently. If you leave the machine plugged in, it’ll always monitor you at night.

However, if you’re not at home, you will want to make sure that the machine isn’t operational. This model is equipped with a smart alarm that will wake you within thirty minutes of your preferred time, during the light sleep phase. This is done to ensure that you don’t wake up groggy and instead feel refreshed once your alarm goes off. When you want to shut the alarm off, simply wave your hand over the top of the machine.

Pros and Cons

sense-with-sleep-pill-sound-machine-by-hello2Pros: In the morning, check the app and you’ll find a summary of your sleep, which includes any type of environmental changes. This model counts how often you wake up in the night, isolates deep sleep phases and determines how long it took you to fall asleep. The app itself is well designed. This model also comes with a one year product warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee.

Cons: One consumer reported that they accidentally left the machine plugged in while they went away for a couple of days and were informed that their alarm went off at the set time as usual, despite the fact that they were not in the bed and the app was not syncing. This is the only software issue consumers found. While the machine is designed to gently wake you up half an hour before the desired time, unfortunately, there is no snooze button.

Conclusion and Rating

If you’ve tried out the sleep trackers you have to wear on your wrist, or the monitors you stick under the bed, you’ve probably found that they’re annoying to use and not very accurate. But this model is not only accurate, it’s easy to use, reliable and even fun. With minimal set up and almost no maintenance, it comes as no surprise that this sleep tracker received such a high consumer rating. The pricing for the Sense is pretty reasonable, especially considering the overall accuracy and the intuitive app and functions and the innovative hi-tech sensors that are packed into this tiny device. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars, which makes this our top rated product. The perfect choice for anyone who’s interested in getting on the right track with their sleep, this model will keep a close eye on your sleep patterns and make sure you rest comfortably.

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