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Sound Oasis S5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System

sound-oasis-s5000-deluxe-sleep-sound-therapy-systemSound therapy machines are designed to promote longer uninterrupted sleep and to generally help to block out noise in the home or from the outside. Studies have shown that sleeping with white noise devices can help to reduce the amount of times you wake in the night by almost sixty percent. White noise sounds like a combination of static and a large fan. These soothing sounds can help to relax you to sleep while also working to block out other noises in the home.

Of course, not all models of white noise machines are created equal, and some tones may not be loud enough to block out louder outside noise such as car alarms or lawnmowers.

Most models of sound therapy machines only feature a few sound options such as rain, ocean and wind in addition to a white noise option, but this model by Sound Oasis features an extensive sound library that allows you to pick the perfect relaxing sound.

The S 5000 Deluxe white noise machine by Sound Oasis comes with an interchangeable soundcard which stores and plays a wide variety of sounds. The sounds are preloaded onto an interchangeable soundcard which is inserted into the bottom of the device.

Should you get tired of a sound profile you can purchase additional ones separately. This model features five mix sounds which you can customize, twenty-four main sounds and a total of a hundred and forty-five sound possibilities. Many of these sounds are considered pretty unique for standard white noise machine profile options.

Specs and Features

The AM FM stereo radio features a radio spectrum selector switch and three presets. It also comes with a total of three speakers, with the largest located in the back.

The user can control the bass and treble and adjust the tones of each sound. There is also a headphone jack which can connect to a speaker pillow or headphones. You can also hook up your MP3 player or iPod and stream it through the machine’s speakers.

Some of the popular sound options include energy chimes, delta voyage, alpha clouds, tranquility, dream echoes and sleep surf. Many of these sounds are designed to help calm you and ease you into sleep, but not all of these sounds are relaxing. The delta voyage and tranquility sounds use certain tones that can come off as irritating as opposed to calming.

On the back of the device you’ll find the largest speaker. If you place the display facing your bed, the sound projects away from you, which seems like a design flaw. In fact, the speaker design doesn’t help the machine to mask unwanted sounds in the home. When some consumers tested the device, they found that the machine was unable to block out most environmental noise. The sounds of a loud TV or vacuum can be heard over the white noise profile.

This model has rubber feet located on the base and measures in at a little over five and a half inches tall.

Because this model is so tall, you won’t be able to press the sleep enhancement switch, which is located on the top of the device, without holding the machine down in order to prevent it from tipping over. Even with the rubber feet for added stability, the machine will still struggle to remain upright during adjustments.

You can choose different sound profiles by touching the button located on the bottom of the machine. Unfortunately, this is the only control you can use to select a sound profile and you aren’t able to toggle back to a previous sound once you have passed it. Instead, you’ll have to go through the entire sound selection, which can be a little frustrating.

Pros and Cons

sound-oasis-s5000-deluxe-sleep-sound-therapy-system2Pros: This versatile model features a built-in alarm clock and bright display screen. A timer can be used to automatically shut the machine off after thirty, sixty or ninety minutes of play. Consumers loved the sleep enhancement feature which gradually slows the sleep profile down as you sleep. This feature is designed to promote uninterrupted sleep. The alarm clock works by gradually waking you, regardless of the type of sound profile or beep you choose. The tone of the alarm will start off quiet, gradually getting louder in order to gently wake you up. This is the perfect alarm for people who hate getting startled awake by the average alarm clock. The ability to purchase additional sound profiles was the biggest selling point for this model. The bass and treble controls allow you to adjust the stereo sound and sound profiles to the perfect tone.

Cons: Some people felt that the LCD backlight was a little too bright for nighttime use and it’s not adjustable. Setting the timer can be a big inconvenience. In order to set the time, you’ll need to hold the clock button down until it counts up to the right time. You’re also unable to set the minutes and hours separately, which also applies to setting the alarm clock.  The fact that the white noise setting isn’t powerful enough to block out other noises in the household kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying a sound machine.

Conclusion and Rating

Like every product, this model has its share of pros and cons. The display and alarm clock are nice to have but can be a hassle to set. Some of the sound profiles are great, while some of the others seem like odd choices for a white noise machine. This model comes packed with a ton of features, and the fact that the profiles are interchangeable can help to keep your sound library from becoming boring. While it isn’t the best model at masking noises inside and outside the home, there are still several reasons to give this machine a second look. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for versatility, the extensive sound options and the ability to purchase additional profiles.

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