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The Best White Noise Machine for a Quieter Sleep Environment

The best white noise machine, also referred to as a sleep machine, sound machine, or sleep therapy machine- is a device that works by emitting a constant soothing noise. Just like an air conditioner will moderate the temperature of your home environment, a white noise machine will moderate the level of noise in the room it’s placed in. You can simply turn one on in order to tune everything and everyone out.

Every model will offer its own set of unique functions and features, but there are only a couple of things you should really look for when you’re shopping for a sound machine.

The Sound Therapy Machine Buying Guide

early_sound_masking_systemFirst is the noise masking ability. Masking noise is exactly what a sound machine is supposed to do and it will emit ambient noises to mask other sounds. When looking at a model’s ability to mask sound, one important characteristic to focus on is a machine’s looping, or how often the sounds on the tracks will repeat. For most people, devices that feature short looping times won’t provide many benefits when it comes to falling asleep, however, once they are asleep these loops can still prevent outside noises to wake them up.

These devices will come in a variety of shapes and sizes and price tags. Higher-end devices will feature impressive sound channel options and high-tech upgrades, but won’t provide much value over more reasonably priced mid-grade models.

On the other end of the spectrum, cheap models will usually have low-quality tracks with shorter loops and won’t include many additional features.

Basically, the model you choose should be based on your budget and your own individual needs.   Some people enjoy listening to nature sounds, such as falling rain, ocean sounds, crickets or a slowly running river. But while these sounds can help some people drift off to sleep, sleep experts note that they don’t offer the same type of noise masking ability that you’ll get from white noise.

 If you need more than a basic machine, look for a model that has more to offer including a wide range of nature sounds, alarm clock, AM and FM stereo and the ability to choose continuous play or set a timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Keep in mind, the larger the sound library and the more features included, the higher the price tag.

Most people find the sound of white noise to be soothing, if not totally relaxing and it can work as a natural sleep aid. And if you’re a frequent traveler, someone who works the nightshift, a student, a pet owner or the spouse of someone who snores, this type of device can actually change your life.

Not only will you sleep better and longer, but you’ll notice you have more energy during the day, you’re less irritable and you may even be less likely to need that afternoon nap. There are a number of benefits that come with improved sleep, some of which include increased productivity, better sex, improved mental focus and weight loss. Yes, weight loss.

 white-noise2For these reasons and many more, it’s important for you to assess your sleeping arrangement and determine if just maybe a sleep machine could do wonders in the bedroom.

While a white noise machine isn’t meant to perform miracles, it sure will seem that way after your first night of peaceful slumber. Not only can a white noise machine improve your sleep, but it’s the perfect solution if you need to study and can’t tune out a noisy TV or sounds coming from the next apartment. If you live on a busy street, some models of white noise devices have been proven strong enough to drone out the sounds of constant traffic and other street sounds, giving you a more relaxing environment. These simple and economical sound maskers can help to improve your life in a number of ways.

Millions of consumers who have tested and tried a sound machine have been pleasantly surprised by how much their sleep was improved or how much better they felt in the morning.

These devices are especially useful for people who snore. There really is no shame in snoring, for some people it’s just a normal part of life. But if constant snoring has been keeping your spouse lying awake at night, then something definitely needs to change and fast. A sound therapy device is a non-invasive and affordable solution. You won’t have to wear an uncomfortable device to muffle your snores and thousands of snorers who have tried these products swear they’ve made a world of difference.

Sleep definitely doesn’t come easily amidst rowdy street noise, the sound of crying children, loud neighbors who enjoy louder music or even construction sounds. If you don’t live in a peaceful cottage out in the country, you may want to consider using a white noise machine and not just as a sleep aid, but as a tool that can provide you with more privacy and restore a little order to your personal space.

A sound therapy machine can also help little ones who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. A sound conditioner will help to establish a bedtime ritual that can also travel with your child on vacation.

If you want to get a better grade on your next exam, try focusing on improving your sleeping habits. If your room is too quiet or your neighbor is too loud, a sleep machine can help you to focus on your studies by providing a consistent audio backdrop that will work to mask noises from even the loudest campus.

Many people have a hard time sleeping when they’re on vacation or out of town. You can take along your sleep machine and create the perfect sleepy home away from home. This means no longer having to deal with noisy people in the hotel hallways or listening to foot traffic or loud get-togethers all night. And no more tossing and turning in a strange bed in a strange room. Most consumers who religiously use their white noise machines never leave home without it. And many of these models are small and compact, which means they’ll barely take up any room in your suitcase.

If you work in a busy office, especially in a cubicle, then you know how distracting that type of environment can be, especially when it comes to phones ringing, fax machines going and office chatter. It can also be next to impossible to keep your phone conversations private. But a sound conditioner can work to turn your cubicle into your sanctuary, which a simply flip of the switch. They can also make your workspace feel more private while also helping to improve your concentration and productivity.

These devices are often used in settings where you wouldn’t want your conversation to be overheard. In fact, you may find these machines in use in a therapist’s or doctor’s office. This will not only help to make a patient feel more comfortable, but it also keeps the professionals aligned with the HIPAA requirements for patient confidentiality.

If you have tinnitus a white noise machine can provide a little relief. These machines give the user the ability to control the tone of sounds emitted in order to match the tone that’s ringing in their ears, which is part of what makes these devices so effective. Keep in mind that not all models are able to mask sounds caused by tinnitus and those that do are usually a little pricier.

When it comes to placing your machine in the best location, sleep experts have found that these devices are the most effective if they are placed between the sleeper and the biggest source of noise. This can mean instead of putting the device by your bed, it may be a better idea to place it by your bedroom door, next to a noisy wall or under your window.

You may also need to try adjusting the volume of the machine in different locations. With a little tweaking, you can easily have the ideal white noise machine setup based on the needs of your personal environment.

Why White Noise?

white-noiseSo how do you know if a white noise device is right for you? Well, with technological overstimulation and daily distractions, your need for personal well-being and sleep is more crucial than ever. These machines are taking the market by storm as a great way to help both the brain and the body to relax in order to get a good night’s sleep.

In fact, using one can help you to create a bedtime ritual, which is important, especially if you have a hard time falling asleep. This can be very effective for children as well. If will also provide you with the optimal sleep environment. This type of noise will work as a buffer for disturbing sounds while creating a soothing environment, regardless of your surroundings.

If you ever have a hard time falling asleep because problems at work won’t stop buzzing around in your head or other personal worries are keeping you awake, white noise can be very helpful. In fact, some people also rely on these devices to help them meditate.

Using a white noise machine to mask sounds can also mean you’ll stay asleep longer. By masking any sounds that can interrupt your sleep, white noise can protect your precious slumber. And if you do happen to wake up during the night, you may find that it’s much easier to fall back to sleep.

Most people don’t realize how frequently they wake up at night. Even if you’re unable to remember these sleep interruptions in the morning, they tend to significantly affect the overall quality of your sleep. Using one of these devices can leave you feeling more refreshed in the AM.

If you love to travel, then you know you definitely can’t count on a peaceful environment, at least not all the time. But when you use a white noise machine you can have some control over the noise factor. Overall, these devices are meant to give you a little more control regarding how loud or quiet your home, work or travel environment is.

Sound Oasis S5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System Review

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 This is a model that comes with all the bells and whistles, including a jack for your iPod or MP3 player so you can stream your favorite tunes.


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The built-in sensors can track the room’s temperature, ambient light and particulate matter in the air, notifying you if the sleep conditions are ideal by flashing a green light.

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